Hodge & Sons

7/8, 9/10 & 2/0 Double-Disc Reels


   If you’re into "The big tug!", then our floating double-disc drag fly reels will be the right tool for any species...Salmon/Steelhead to Tarpon or Billfish! Our unique double-disc drag works with the same basic design principle as disk brakes on your car. There are two big differences: 1) Ours is a full-contact drag pad that covers the full surface of the drag disc. Without this, a fly reel drag will hydro-plane if/when it gets wet. 2) Other cork disc drags on the market use a similar technique, but because we have cork bonded to two sides of a disc that spins (vs. spinning the spool against the fixed cork), we get double the drag surface area. This unique design gives us a great drag range in only 180-degrees of rotation of the drag knob. Other drag systems on the market have you crank the drag knob multiple 360-degree rotations to get from free-spool to tight...we know right where we're at just by touching the drag knob. These reels incorporate the same high quality materials and workmanship found in our other reels: German Nickel Silver on the bearing cap, side cover lock and disc-drag adjustment knob (13 individual settings) as well as a removable side-cover to change the spool and turn on/off the out going clicker or adjust the range of the adjustable drag. These reels also have a palming rim that looks like it is part of the frame...it is actually a two-piece design that is anodized green in the center to match the opposite side cover, and champagne gold on the palming rim to match the frame and spool. Total run-out between the palming rim and frame is less than .002-inches...barely noticeable to the naked eye. Each reel is serialized and comes with an Arne Mason leather case, and a "Care & Instruction" manual. 10% Federal excise tax on all fishing tackle manufactured in the U.S. is included in the price of the reel.


    Instruction Manual for Disk-Drag Reels

Capacity: 150yds 20lbs Dacron backing, WF8F
Weight: 8.8oz
  • 7/8 spool ... $200.00
Personal comments: This is our favorite reel! We use it for Salmon, Steelhead, Bonefish, Dorado (aka Mahi Mahi...Dolphin Fish), Baby Tarpon...Shooting heads & Full lines.

Capacity: 200yds 20lbs Dacron backing, WF10F
Weight: 11.4oz
  • 9/10 spool ... $200.00

Personal Comments: This is a great light rod Spey reel. For the newer light lines, 4wt-6wt 10ft-13ft spey rods.

Capacity=120yds of 20lbs Dacron and a full 9wt single-handed floating line.

Capacity: 300yds 30lbs Dacron backing, 12WT Spey line
Weight: 11.4oz
  • 2/0 spool ... $350.00